Hostel Review: Han Tang Inn Youth Hostel, Xi’an, China

First of al,l do not be fooled by the word “hostel.” It was basically a small hotel with an amazing environment.

Name: Han Tang Inn Youth Hostel 

Location: Xi’an, China within the city wall 

Amenities: Sauna, Restaurant, TV, Wi-Fi, Roof-top Lounge, English Tour Groups and Guides, English Speaking receptionists

Distance to the attractions: A short 5 – 10 minute walk from the famous Drum and Bell Towers and the Muslim Quater. A block away from a bus that will take you to the train station and the ancient city wall.  From the station you can take a bus to visit the Terracotta Warriors (about a 90 minute drive).

Cost: $7 – $14 USD/person/night ~ depending on if you want a dorm styled room or a private room.  Personally, we always go for the private ensuite rooms.  


or you can Book Here

Traveler’s Insight: 

Over Christmas break Kyle and I had the opportunity to explore Xi’an and visit the famous Terra Cotta Warriors.  For our trip we booked a double private ensuite room at the Han Tang Inn Youth Hostel.  Since we are quite new to the hosteling world we were not sure what to expect.  But knew that as long as we had our own room and bathroom we would survive.

The hostel is a perfectly situated close to the main city center and only a short bus ride away from the train station.  If you are arriving by train the hostel provides free pick up.  However, if you come via the sky you need to take a bus or taxi into town.  We chose the cheaper option and rode the bus.  The bus would not have been bad if we had stayed on it until the end. Once at the last stop it is only a short walk to the hostel.  Instead we hopped off about 5 stops too early and ended up walking forever!!  So if you take the airport bus DO NOT get off until you are within the city walls and in front of the Drum Tower!

The food at the hostel was nothing to fancy but it definitely did the trick.  It was very convenient having a restaurant in house with all the western classics.  Here is a look at what we ate for breakfast:

Overall, this hostel was great!  The bar for all other hostels has been set pretty high.  The atmosphere was fantastic, the rooms were cozy, and the staff was beyond helpful.  I would happily recommend this hostel to any traveling to Xi’an!!

Happy Wandering!!


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