Let the 40 days begin!

Confession…. I am a major sweet tooth.  I swear some meals it is impossible for my stomach to register that a meal is over until I eat something sweet!!!  In many ways my need (or more realistically my want) for sweets is an addiction and it is time I take control.  Since today marks the first day of Lent I decided there is no time like now to choose to live healthier.  So here I go, cold turkey, no sweets and treats for 40 days!

Farewell: tasty ice cream, homemade chocolate chip cookies & delicious strawberry cheesecakes

Hello: fresh strawberries, yummy bananas, and juicy apples!

Are you also guilty of an unhealthy addiction? Commit to being healthy and join me on this 40 day journey!!! 


10 responses to “Let the 40 days begin!

  1. I am impressed by your dedication and nobility!

  2. Well, after a discussion with hubby, we decided to ditch caffeine and sugar for lent also! Good luck to us all!

  3. Go Janelle! That is my New Years resolution. Except I am aloud ice cream… This is a really cool blog. The first time I looked at it I thought it was a health website. It wasn’t until now that it is you making all this stuff up..

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