DIY: Sandbag

Want to work out with a sandbag but don’t want to shell out $100+?  Well guess what, you do not have to.  In just a few simple steps you can make your own sandbag for under $15.

   Check out this Livestrong aritlce if you are new to sandbag training and would like to read about some of the awesome benefits.

What you need:

1. Duffle bag

2. Bag(s) of rice or sand.

*optional* Large freezer bags and a scale

Step One: Get a bag.

Find an old duffle bag or run to Walmart and buy a cheap one.

Step Two: Decide what you want to fill your bag with and how heavy you want it to be.  

Choose your filling, sand or rice are the too most common choices. I personally would go with whatever is cheapest!  You also need to decide the weight of your sandbag and if you want it to be a set weight or adjustable.

 Option #1: If you prefer a set weight just grab a bag of filling, stuff it into the duffle and start working out.   

 Option #2: If you would like an adjustable bag you have a few options. You can grab some smaller packages of filling,  stuff your bag to the appropriate weight and change the weight as you wish.   Or you can buy a big bag of filling, then weigh and divide it into smaller freezer bags.  Once the freezer bags have been divided and weighed stuff them into the duffle and start working out!

Now that you have your very own sandbag, check out these sandbag workouts:

Sandbag Workout 

Exercise Videos ~ many of their workouts incorporate sandbags


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