The Yoga Challenge!

Hello March!  And hello to airplanes and treadmill’s first fitness challenge!  This past week I was evaluating my fitness routine and realized something is majorly lacking.  I have been meeting my cardio and weight training needs but have been coming up short with my flexibility training.  So to fix this I have decided to dedicate the month of March to Yoga and you should too!!!

Here’s the challenge: Do yoga (60 minute sessions) at least 3 days a week for the next month.

Wondering why you should join me…..well here are some awesome benefits of yoga:

*increases flexiblity

*increases strength

*better posture

*lower stress

Want to learn more about yoga, here is a great Yoga 101 article by lululemon.

So who is in??? If you are a member of a gym most likely they offer yoga classes a few times a week.  However, if you would like to try yoga but do not currently have access to any classes here are some links to help you find one!!! ~ use this site to find a yoga class in your area

Check out Groupon, this mega coupon website often has great yoga deals.

Or if you would like to go the home gym route check out for yoga routines and basic yoga information.

As always, happy sweating!


14 responses to “The Yoga Challenge!

  1. Nice! Good luck with your challenge. All of my fitness time goes to Jamie Eason’s 12 week challenge. After that’s over regular yoga practice is my first priority. I go to when I practice at home.

  2. Jo and I are in! We’ve got our schedule all worked out to do at least 3 yoga classes a week. I’m hoping we can average 4 or 5, but I’ll be happy with at least 3. Where did you find to practice yoga?

    • Yay!!! I am doing it at our fitness center. But I want to do some research to see if there are any other yoga studios in our city because I really want to try aerial yoga! I am trying to get Kyle to join…but so far I have been unsuccessful!!!

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