Airplanesandtreadmills’ Must Have App

Nike Training Club (NTC) is a fitness app created by Nike.

Why NTC is an absolute must download app:

1. It is FREE!

2. Beginner friendly: This app contains variety of workouts depending on your level and fitness goal, making it an awesome app for all fitness levels.

3. There are videos, pictures, and descriptions for each exercise.

4. Depending on how much free time you have, you can choose a 15 minute or a 45 minute workout.

5. It keeps track of all your workouts and you receive new badges whenever you reach a new level.

NTC also offers bonus sport specific workouts performed by famous athletes and celebrities.  Hope Solo (USA Goalie) and Lea Michele (Glee) are two that have collaborated with Nike.

Overall, NTC completely lives up to the Nike name and like everything else Nike produces it is simply AWESOME!

(photo credit: nike)


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