April’s Fitness Challenge, a ZWOW a day…

a new month = a new fitness challenge

The Chanllenge:

If you have been following my blog, this next challenge will not come as much of a surprise:) The challenge is simple, I am going to complete one ZWOW a day for the next 30 days.   Basically, I will be adding a ZWOW a day to my regular yoga and cardio workouts!

a ZWOW a day for 30 days

What is a ZWOW???

Wondering what a ZWOW is???  Have no fear, I am here to give you all the details!  ZWOW stands for Zuzana’s Workout of the Week.  ZWOWs are short 10 – 20 minute high intensity workouts created by Zuzana Light, co-founder and former host of Bodyrock.tv.  Each Thursday Zuzana provides here viewers (a.k.a. warriorz) a new amazing, fat-blasting workout.  

Who is Zuzana???

Like I mentioned Zuzana is most widely recognized from her time as the heart and soul of Bodyrock.tv.  She is all about getting in shape in as little as 10 minutes a day.  She and the many Bodyrockers who faithfully followed her for 3+ years are proof that it is possible.  After suddenly leaving Bodyrock, she left many wondering if she would ever return to the fitness world.  Well now she is back and making amazing workouts once again.  This time it is all about being a warrior! Check out her facebook, twitter, or youtube channel to find her latest workouts and motivational videos.

Feel free to also check out my ZWOWs page to find pictures/printables for each ZWOW.  Personally I like to send the pictures to my iPhone so I have the details for each workout when I go to the gym or am on the road.  Here’s a quick look at a few ZWOW photos….

What to expect:

* Intensity Level: Expect to work hard.  The only way a short workout can be effective is if you go all out and push yourself to the limit.  Remember the quote “if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.” (Fred Devito)

*Time commitment: Most workouts are between 10-15 minutes, a few will be closer to the 20-25 minute mark.  Also, do not forget to do a short warm up prior to working out:)

*Workout format: Zuzana’s workouts are either AMRAP (as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes) or a specific amount of rounds to be completed as fast as possible.  Each round usually has 3 or 4 exercises.

*Tracking progress: Keep track of all your times, scores, and details of your workout (i.e. size of weight, type of push ups – regular or modified, etc). By doing this you can go back to test yourself by competing against previous times.  I keep a record of all my scores on my ZWOW page.  This is especially important and valuable because over the course of 30 days you will have to repeat workouts multiple times.  There is no motivation quite like the desire to beat yourself and prove that you are better, faster, & stronger….

Equipment needed:

*Access to youtube: All of Zuzana’s workouts are posted on her youtube channel, ZuzkaLight.  Even though I post photos with details of each workout, it is best to first watch Zuzana perform the workout to ensure you are performing each exercise correctly and safely.

*Weights & Gear: Unlike most new Bodyrock workouts, little to no extra gear is required to complete ZWOWs.  Sometimes you may need dumbbells or kettlebells but if you are lacking this equipment do not worry.  You can always improvise and be creative, cans of foods or bags of flour/rice may be used in lieu of weights.  However, if you are serious about making a change I would suggest purchasing weights for your home gym.

Well I hope that covers all the bases about ZWOWs, Zuzana Light and being a Warrior:)

So………….are you in???

Skeptical about the idea of a 10 -15 minute workout being able to seriously change your health life?   Well, why not join the challenge and see for yourself!!!  Choose to dedicate 10 minutes a day for the next 30 days and I promise you will not regret it!!!

**remember, always listen to your body & stop when it says to stop**

30 responses to “April’s Fitness Challenge, a ZWOW a day…

  1. How on earth, as a teacher, do you have time for yoga, cardio, and resistance training all in one day?? I’m basically working about 12 hrs a day and finding time to workout has been, challenging.

    • I basically am either at school or the gym:) Also, I think our school day is a little bit more 8-5 than yours… since it is a regular american school we have a regular (8-4) school day. Although, some weeks it is quite challenging and I only get in a quick ZWOW. I am sure things will be very different when we starting working at a school in america:)

  2. well… lucky you! (for the regular hrs)

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  6. Janelle I have a question. I’m not the fitness expert you are, so correct me if I’m wrong here. I’m all for working out everyday and these Zwow workouts, but it seems like she frequently focuses on legs and butt in her workouts, so if you did them everyday, wouldn’t you be working out the same muscles everyday? I thought you were supposed to give the muscles you worked out a day of rest and recovery before you worked them out again? Thanks!

    • Hey Kathleen! Yes you are correct and that is definitely is the general rule. However, I was also taught that realistically we do not workout hard enough to seriously need to rest in between working out. Also, here are the ZWOWs that primarily focus on leg:#8 & #3, while the others are a good balance between upper and lower body. I hope that somewhat answers your question:)

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