Awesome online food logs & fitness trackers

If you have read my blog before you know that I am a big fan of counting calories and use Lose It! on a daily basis.  Even though my preference is Lose It! I know there are many other apps and online tools for tracking calories.  Recently, I stumbled upon a few that I thought would be worth sharing here.

SELF Drop 10

Food diary, meal plans (with recipes), workouts, progress tracker, prizes and more

Why I think it is awesome….

*Easy to navigate

*Integrated with Facebook, making it easy to use with your friends

* Pre-made meal plan, giving you various recipes for each meal with the nutritional info

* Pre created workouts, that are easy to follow & can be done at home or in a gym

*”Happy Calories”, this plan allows you a specific amount of “happy” food (sweets & snacks) each week

*And best of all you can win prizes!!!


Information about balanced eating, food & activity log

Why I think choosemyplate’s SuperTrack is great…

*Food diary is broken down into fruits, vegetables, grains, protein & dairy.  Rather than just calories, helping to not just keep track of calories but to assist in truly understanding how to create a healthier and more balanced diet.

*You can set personal goals and track each goal through the website.  I really believe in setting goals and having a plan for keeping yourself accountable is extremely important

*Progress charts can be exported as PDFs, Word Doc, or Excel Spreadsheets

*Tools for understanding how to read labels, portion control, calories burned, information for creating healthy diets for you family, etc…

Overall, I think these are both great tools.  In my opinion Self’s drop 10 program is a little easier to use and provides pre-made recipes & workouts (great for those on the go).  However,, is also pretty awesome.  I feel that SuperTracker is more in-depth and provides a lot of details about creating balanced diets, especially when cooking for a family.  So, whether you are cooking of yourself or for 5 both of these tools can help reshape your diet and overall your life!!

Personally, I need to work on eating a more balanced diet.  So for the next week I am going to use SuperTracker from  I will use it along with Lose It! because it is just go easy to keep track on the go then I will transfer the info to SuperTracker each night.  I’ll give more details and a review next week!


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