Waterlogged…my favorite new app!!!

Drinking water is vital to your health, as I assume you know!  Yet even though we know this, most of us probably do not drink enough water everyday.  Recently, I have been having this problem and I thought to myself, “there must be an app for that.”  And of course there is and it is called Waterlogged


*Easy to use and looks cool:)

*Ability to enter different sizes of glasses and various amounts of water

*You can customize how much water you want to drink each day (great for those who are very active and need more water than the average person)

*You can easily set reminders to drink water


*Although it is free it is limited and to get the full experience it costs $2.99

Overall, I especially love this app because I get major migraines if I do not drink enough water.  This little guy makes it very easy to track my water intake and helps to keep me accountable!

Just in case you are not sure how much water you should be drinking here is a hydration calculator


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