May Fitness Challenge Wrap Up + June Fitness Challenge

Another month has come and gone!  Which means only 25 days until we move back to North America….can you tell I am excited?!?!?!  Another month also means a new fitness challenge.  Last month I ran (and some days walked) a mile a day!  It had been quite a while since running was my daily routine (in reality not since my marathon) and I truly enjoyed it!  Nothing feels like running!

I know it may sound like an excuse but there just are not any good routes in our city.  It will be so nice being back at home in a small town where I can just run without worrying about being hit by a scooter or where I do not have to run around a 200meter track! Anyways, it felt great to run and run and run some more. I am still not as fast as I was last year (8:14 mile, not that this is a record breaking time…I am slow and I will be the first to admit it) but I did improve from my first (and believe me I was working by bum off ) run to the last (a 9:55 mile to a 9:14 mile, with my best time coming in at 9:10).

So now on to this month’s challenge.  I know I am a few days late (thanks to my amazing family visiting all the way from Texas, so I think I can catch a break here:) but here it is.  When I took a moment to think about what I am majorly lacking in my fitness life (beside time these days) it is core workouts!  So for the remaining 26 (counting today) days in June I will be doing Ab Ripper X or a similar style of workout once a day.  This, of course, will be added onto what I normally try to do (3 or more ZWOWz/resistance training + 5 or 6 cardio sessions a week).

*if you have any other awesome ab workouts that you do, please share and I will try to add it to my routine!!!


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