Updates!! {Family Trip to China}

Wow! It has been quite a busy week and a half.  My family came to visit Kyle and I for a week and a half, which has left little time to workout* and even less time to blog!

Last weekend we rushed to Beijing for a jam packed 3 days of pandas, the Great Wall, shopping in the Silk Market, and lots & lots of walking!  After a busy but amazing weekend, Kyle and I came back to Kunshan to start another week of teaching.   The next morning the fam flew off to Xi’an to explore the ancient city and see the Terracotta Warriors.

Wednesday they flew back to Shanghai, so Kyle and I escaped to the city to join them as soon as the school bell rang!  Thursday & Friday we stayed here in Kunshan, introducing my parents and brother to our kids and co-teachers while showing them our wonderful city.  Friday proved to be another busy day with t-shirt decorating (for field day), children’s day (= movies and floats), and a school wide talent show. Their final weekend here was spent exploring the amazing city of Shanghai (who am I kidding we spent most of the time shopping in the fake markets).

It was such a wonderful, wonderful visit.  I did not want to say goodbye!  However, only 25 days until Kyle and I are back in the USA!!!! We CANNOT wait!!!

{as you can imagine with all the traveling plus end of year school stuff I have been very swamped for time.  hopefully I can have up details of our travels and adventures in the next couple of days}

*Even though I have been stretched for time to actually do a true workout, each day I have tried to be very active by using my nike+ pedometer.  Here are the details of my activity:

Friday June 1, 2012 – 7,861 – 3.39 miles
Saturday June 2, 2012 – 1,154 (oops my iPod died Saturday, but we walked a very similar amount as Sunday) – .50 miles
Sunday June 3, 2012 – 12,986 – 5.38 miles

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