Daily Sweat! ZWOW #20 + NTC Ab Burner

I am finally all caught up with ZWOWz.  With traveling to Beijing and my family visiting I have close to zero time to workout.  I feels great to get back into my regular routine.

Weight/Resistance Training: ZWOW #20, 14:53

workout stats:

 max hr – 170

 average hr – 149

 total calories burned – 122

workout recap:

This was my first time to do ZWOW #20 and my first time doing all but one of these exercises (side jump lunge).


~ I love the 3 rounds for time, being as ADD as I am 5 rounds get to be a little too long for me. 

~ Even though the Forward Backward Lunges kicked my butt, I really love this exercise.  I will be the first to admit that most of my strength comes from my legs, but I really have to work extra hard to build my upper body strength.  This is an awesome exercise for that exact purpose!


~ I am not a big fan of the ALT Double Bridge.  Not because it was super difficult, I just did not really feel the burn while doing it.  If only I had my BOSU ball in China, that would definitely add to the difficulty level.

The Core Challenge:Nike Training Club (NTC), “Ab Burner” 

 1 minute toe touches

 1 minute russian twists

 30 seconds plank

 1 minute modified side plank

 1 minute crazy ivans

 30 seconds recover

x3 = 15 minute workout 


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