Daily Sweat! ZWOW #10 + Athleanx’s Insane Ab Workout

Aren’t our kids just the cutest! I had to share this picture from our field day last week!  It is gonna be sooo hard to say goodbye to these wonderful kids!  Awe, I feel so blessed!

Warm Up: Jump rope, jumping jacks, running in a place, butt kicks, toe touches ~ 5 minutes

Weight/Resistance: ZWOW #10, 3 rounds + 30 jump ropes/high knees

workout stats: 

time: 10:00

Max HR: 188

Average HR: 167

Total Calories Burned: 99

Kettlebell Jumps – to add an extra burn stay in a squat stance throughout the exercise (meaning, do not stand up to take a break from the squat)

The Core Challenge: Athleanx’s Insane Ab Workout

workout stats:

time: 9:45

Max HR: 174

Average HR: 142

Total Calories Burned: 72

*Be sure to not let your hips sink as you get tire.  Proper form is the most important effective workout!


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