Daily Sweat! ZWOW #21 + Fitness Body 4 Life’s Six Pack Abs

Warm Up: Jump Rope, 3 minutes

Weight/Resistance Training: ZWOW #21, 3 rounds + 2 handstand burpees

The Core Challenge: Fitness Body 4 Life’s 10-Six Pack Ab Exercises

Workout Stats

Max HR: 178

Average HR: 164

Total Calories Burned: 98

Exercise 1: Bicycles
Exercise 2: Opposite hand to foot touches (legs at 90 degrees)
Exercise 3: Reach across (legs up in the air)
Exercise 4: Opposite hand to foot touch, sit up (one leg on the ground, one bend)
Exercise 5: legs up & twist
Exercise 6: knees & out (in to chest, touch out, touch in)

Workout Stats

Time: 8:44

Max HR: 132

Average HR: 115

Total Calories: 43

***If you know the correct or a more appropriate name for each of these exercises please share:)***


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