Happy Birthday, America!!! Team USA Lust List

Happy 4th of July to all!!!  I love the 4th of July.  Last year we celebrated at the Ballpark in Arlington!  Kyle was able to experience his first 4th in style watching the Rangers win & catching one of the most outstanding firework shows I have seen in a looong time!  This year I am extra excited because I am overflowing with patriotism in preparation for the London games.  So in celebration of my beloved homeland here are some of the sweetest items I am lusting this summer. I know the list is kinda long but what can I say…this girl is one proud American:) Can’t you tell how excited I am for July 27 to roll around!!!

Team USA Apparel:

Nike Racerback Tank, $27.95

Nike Team USA Sweats, $40.95

Ladies Team USA Pullover, $31.95

USA Olympics 2012 Tee,  $22.95

Women’s & Men’s Nike Team USA, $35

Men’s & Women’s Olympic Rings Tee, $32

USA Striped Soccer Tank, $25

Kids’ Stuff: (if only my niece and nephew were American….)

My First Team USA Tee, $15.95

Team USA Pullover, $25.95

Team USA Hockey Jersey, $64.99

I know it is not the Winter Olympics but this thing is sweet!!!!

Ralph Lauren Collection:

Ralph Lauren Polo, $145

Ralph Lauren Polo, $145

Girls Polo Dress, $29.95 – $31.95

Everything Else:

Team USA Soccer Scarf, $24.95

Team USA Soccer Ball, $29.95

Team USA Keychain, $7.00

U.S. Flag Silicone Cap, $11.99

**After watching the Dream Team documentary what I really, really want a vintage Team USA Basketball pullover or tee…If you have seen them for sale let me know. You would sure make this American blogger a happy girl!**


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