Daily Sweat! ZWOW #24

As you know if you have been watching my blog the last week I have been majority slacking.  I have been trying to blame the jet lag but who I am kidding I have been lazy!  And it needs to stop.  I am not sure how you are but I am one of those people that is super productive when I am in my routine and busy doing stuff.  But when summer break or another extended holiday rolls around it is really hard to find the motivation to get stuff done.  Especially, if “stuff” means unpacking from a year in China and then repacking to move to Canada…  Anyways, enough about my life:0 Here is what I did today!

ZWOW #24 – 2 rounds + 15 dynamic squats + 15 kick ups + 9 dive bombers (modified)

*This is a great workout!!!  I really love the AMRAPs.  It is only 10 minutes and anyone can push hard for 10 minutes!!! Each of these exercises was kicking me in the behind!  Dive Bombers…HELLO! Even the modified (on my knees) version was killing me!!


One response to “Daily Sweat! ZWOW #24

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