Daily Sweat! Quick Interval Workout

The days of summer just keep ticking away.  Kyle and I have been busy packing and getting stuff ready for our big move to Canada.  It is only a few weeks away.  It is a very exciting, stressful, and bittersweet time:) With all of the running around I have been struggling to keep exercise a priority.  Yesterday, when my mood had taken a turn for the worse I decided to just stop and do a quick & simple interval workout.  I committed just 10 minutes to myself and instantly I felt like a new person (I know it sounds cheesy but it is true!!!!).

Here’s what I did:

I set my Gym Boss App to 20 rounds for 30 second.  Then I alternated between interval #1 & #2.  Simple right?

Interval #1: Running in Place, Jumping Jacks, Jumping Rope

Interval #2: Squats, Traveling Lunges


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