Daily Sweat! ZWOW #33


Warm up: BOSU Step Ups

Weight/Resistance Training: ZWOW #33 – 15:00, 2 rounds + 10 side lunge burpees + 5 pulse squats

Workout Stats: 

Time: 20 minutes

Max HR: 184

Average: 157

Calories Burned: 188

 *Once again I added my BOSU ball to my workout!  It really turns up the heat!*

Here are the ways I used my BOSU Ball…

#1. Side Lunge Burpees – push up portion of the burpee performed on the flat side

#2. Pulse Jump Squat – Round #1 – squats on dome side, Round #2 & #3 – squats on the flat side

#3. James Bond Lunge – Front foot placed on dome side

#4. Side Plank Lift – Stabilizing arm placed on dome side

I want to hear how you spice up your workout outs?? Let me know what additional equipment I should check out!!!


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