DIY: Sign: “You Have My Whole Heart for My Whole Life”

Ok, so I know this has nothing to do with travel or fitness but I had to share some details about what I have been up to since we moved to B.C.

I recently saw this quote on Pinterest and I fell in love with it!  I knew I wanted it somewhere in our house.  Then after more pinteresting I found some DIY tutorials. YAY!  Here are a few of my inspiration pictures… (click for source)

<Now to my version >

I know our table does not look complete. I am in search of a nice fruit bowl or something…no luck yet.

To make it I  just followed cre8tivedesignsinc’s tutorial.  Here are some pictures of the progression.

I started by using wood glue to bond a frame to the back of my wood.  After it dried I added some screws for extra support.

Then I painted it all white.

Next I started placing the letters. I kinda just guessed about the spacing and it worked out fine.

Now time for the black paint.  This was a bit messy:)

All done with the black paint.  After this I just touched up a few places. But I was not too worried about making it perfect…as you can tell

Finally, my wonderful hubby helped me hang it.  We had a hard time finding a stud so we just used some heavy duty dry wall screws. 


6 responses to “DIY: Sign: “You Have My Whole Heart for My Whole Life”

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  2. I love seeing what you’ve done! very cute!!

  3. Love it! Where did you find the letters?

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