The House of Kays

Finally, a peak into our home!  We still need to organized the office and finish our bed but it is starting to look like a home. Below are pictures of the kitchen, living/dinning area, and bathroom.  It has been sooo fun (yet stressful) decorating.  I hope you enjoy!!! Oh and come visit us of course!

The Kitchen: 

the scary before…

the after…

The Dinning Area:

Dinning/Living area before:

Dinning area nearly complete

The Living Room: 

The dreadful sight after unpacking the Uhaul

After a couple days weeks of hard work…

The Bathroom: 

I hope you enjoyed looking into our home… more to come soon.

Here are some links to my DIY projects: (click on the pictures to be linked to the tutorials)



7 responses to “The House of Kays

  1. HI Janelle!!! What a FUN tour thru your cozy & cool home!!! You’re quite an interior decorator… come to my house anytime!! Looks like a really nice abode. Keep the photos coming!!
    Aunt Karen

  2. I love your home! It’s so cool. It must feel great to relax in it now that everything is in it’s own special place. Terrific job guys!

  3. Love the Black and White theme!!

  4. This is elegant! Nice job!

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