Daily Sweat! 5 Mile Run


I love this quote! It is so powerful!!

Today I got to run in the rain.  Thankfully it was not pouring hard but it was still wet.  This is only the third time I have run around our neighborhood so I am still trying to figure out some different running routes.  I have to say I was quite spoiled at Walla Walla with a ton of amazing running routes.  I had soooo many options and I could change it up mid route if I need something different to keep me going.

My run today was 5 miles. It has almost been a year since I ran that far:) I am pretty proud of myself! My time was 54 minutes. That is just a little less than 11 minute mile pace. The workout stats are a little off because my heart monitor was being moody.  I did not get the band wet enough before I started out on my run.  I find that if I wet the band and then wear it for a few minutes before I actually start working out it reads it more accurately. But I can guess that I burned about 500 calories.

p.s. my hubby is amazing!!! when i got home from my run he had delish food made for me:) i am one lucky girl.


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