Daily Sweat! Tempo Run + ZWOW #39

Today I started off my workout with a tempo run.  Since I did a 5 miler yesterday I decided to do a shorter, faster run today. I just ran to the bottom of the hill we live on and then back up.  2.2 km in total. I was dead but quite happy with my time at the end:)


Workout Stats

Distance: 2.2km/1.367miles 

Time: 11:38minutes

Pace: 8:32minute miles

Max HR: 184

Average HR: 166

Calories Burned: 115

After running I finished up my workout with the latest ZWOW

Yes, that is the Harry Potter font…hehe

Workout Stats

Time: 12:31

Max HR: 172

Average HR: 152

Calories Burned: 92


Ab Ripper X – I went to school to help teach PE and ended up doing an Ab Ripper:)


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