Fitness Rewind

Another week as come and gone.  I cannot believe that I am already on week 4 of my fitness fast forwards.  This past week has been kinda crazy… 

On Sunday afternoon I went up to B.C.’s youth camp to lead a breakout session.  By the time I got home I crashed.  It was definitely one of those nights that sleep was the thing I needed most (my way of saying I skipped my workout).  Monday was a  holiday and Kyle had a day off, woo hoo! To celebrate I put my running shoes on and did a 10k.  Tuesday I did one of my favorite NTC workouts and another awesome Tara Stiles Yoga workout.  Wednesday was an early morning for me (I was scheduled to teach a morning class at FVAA).  So before school I hit the road for a solid 4 miler.  I finished off the day, with by far the most difficult Tara Stiles workout yet.  Thinking I completed my daily goal I quickly snuggled into bed and fell asleep.  Thursday morning I realized that I forgot to do a ZWOW.  Oops!  I knew Thursday would be kind of a crazy day because we would be preparing to leave the following day on a school trip as well as attending a ten o’clock showing of Twilight.  So I started the day bright and early with a Tara Stiles video and Alex Morgan’s NTC workout. In the afternoon as soon as my P.E. classes were over I laced up my shoes and ran 3.23 miles.  Friday morning I needed to make up for my missed ZWOW on Wednesday (as well as for the upcoming traveling weekend).  I turned to Tara Stiles for a nice 40ish minute yoga session and did ZuzkaLight’s newest ZWOW.  On Saturday night I winded down with a dose of Tara Stiles.

The Week in Numbers:

13.43 Miles Ran

3/7 days I drank 64+ ounces of water (I am going 7/7 in week 4)

6 Yoga Sessions

3 Runs

2 NTC workouts


A Look at the Week Ahead!


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