YMCA Dallas 45th Turkey Trot

“The Trot”

Bright and early this morning we woke up and drove to Dallas to participate in our first ever Turkey Trot. It was such a great experience, I only wish Kyle was here to run with me.  This was my parents first race ever! They walked the 5k together and the rest of us ran the 8 miler.

I am not sure how many people there actually were total but I know there were 4,000 timed 5k/8 milers.  Last year I believe they had 36,000+ runners.  It was pretty awesome because there were people everywhere.  Even the 8 mile course was pretty packed!

A picture of the 5k walk.  It pretty much looked like this the whole time. 

The Costume

Not only was I super excited about running a new distance (8 miler) in such a huge race, but it was also my first race in a costume! I loved it! Running tutus (or another costume)will definitely be my new racing norm.

My brother, Jordan, got this awesome turkey costume just for our first Trot!

I made this tutu from an online tutorial and I got a sweet turkey hat at Target for $1.25. Sadly I had to ditch it mid race because it kept falling off…

The Course & Finish Line

This was quite a nice course! I especially enjoyed the first half that ran through the city.  The second half had an out and back over a bridge.  It was not that bad (with an awesome view of the city on the way back in), just not as nice as running through the buildings. I would say the only negative thing was the heat.  And for a girl who has been running in temps around the 40s and below, it was a very hot day (75 degrees).  However, still a great race and one I will hopefully be racing again!

Yay, I am done!
I finished in 1:34:50, not that fast but it was a good run! And longer than I have ran in almost a year:)
The Family  
I had VIP status because I dressed up in a costume! 
I had to do a jumping picture just for the blog!
Dallas Morning News

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