Lust List {Stocking Stuffer Edition}: Cold Running Gear

Merry Christmas!

As the clock strikes midnight Christmas Season has officially began!!! Family, Friends, Decorations, Food, Vacation… With all the joys of the holiday there may also come a little bit of stress when shopping for the your loved ones.  Just to help ease the stress I have compiled a few lists of presents the fitness lover in your life would love Santa to put under the tree.  So in the weeks leading up to Christmas I will be posting different lists: yoga, running, stocking stuffer, etc…

So here goes the first one! 

1. Lululemon Brisk Run Mittens, $28: these mittens not only keep you warm but also let you use your iPhone or other touch screen devices.

2. Nike Elite Storm-Fit Tech Running Gloves, $35: if your style is gloves instead of mittens these are the way to go.  Plus, they also let you use your touch screen devices.

3. Lululemon Brisk Run Neck Warmer, $28: This neck warmer can also be used  a a toque to keep your help warm.

4. Lululemon Brisk Run Toque, $28: This toque is awesome simply because of the ponytail hole!

5. Nike Termal Running Neck Warmer, $25

6. Lululemon Brisk Run Headband, $26: if you are blessed to live somewhere a bit warmer than my home maybe you only need an headband to keep you warm while you run.


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