Daily Sweat! 4 Miler + Core Workout + Yoga

4 miler

Screen Shot 2012-12-04 at 3.45.23 PM

Here is a look a my run today! Yea, I am pretty proud of myself.  I kept a sub 10 minute pace for the majority of my run.  I was definitely working hard.  Also, notice my total miles (475).  My goal is to be at least at 500 by Dec. 31.  Let’s call it my end of year resolution.

Max HR: 190

Average HR: 169

Calories Burned: 425


NTC‘s Core Crunch


Awesome core workout! Nike Women always does a fantastic job at making me sweat!


Another yoga fantastic yoga routine from the lovely Tara Stiles

One Year Ago…

December 4 last year Kyle and I ran the Shanghai International Half Marathon.  Very stupidly we did not train at all.  We maybe ran 7ish miles once or twice before race day.  Our game plan was to finish in under 3 hours because we would get a medal.  We thought we would run a kilometer, walk a kilometer.  Towards the end it was just a lot of walking.  But Kyle kept pushing me to run so we would met our time goal!  And because of him we finished in 2:52ish and got our medals, so all it was worth all the pain.  Here are a few pictures of the race.  Enjoy!

IMG_2375I had to do a jumping shot pre race.  Oh how I love that skyline!

IMG_2378The starting line along the beautiful Bund.

IMG_2380Pre race!

IMG_2388Yay, we finished in time for a medal!

IMG_9883Kyle’s bib & medal proudly hanging in his office!

I am working on creating a way to display my bibs & medals.  Hopefully I can finish it soon and show it to all of you!


4 responses to “Daily Sweat! 4 Miler + Core Workout + Yoga

  1. Nice pace! & you can totally meet your 500 miles by New Years! Must feel great to know you’re almost there! I love the Nike Training Center. It’s so challenging even if you choose their beginner workouts. Do you have a post on your Half Marathon in Shanghai? I’d love to read a recap.

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