Daily Sweat! ZWOW + Yoga

Hello All!

Today was kind of a crazy day.  I got a last minute call to sub around 9 this morning.  I was already at the school helping Kyle with website stuff, dressed in my running clothes.  So I had to rush home, change  and get across the border by 10:45.  Long story short, I made it to school just time.  Although I was rushed, what a nice surprise to get a job today & make some money:)

So you are probably wondering why am I rambling on about this… Well, my original plan was to run (6×400) this morning at the school.  However, in our one income home a sub job trumps working out (oh how I would love to get paid to workout).

So here is my alternative workout for the day…

ZWOW #45
ZWOW #45 correction.001Time: 17:47

*I altered the Wall Stand with Push up a bit.  Instead of twisting around at the end of the wall stand I dropped my legs to the ground, did a push up, and then kicked up to a wall stand from the same position   I felt like this added a bit more of a challenge.*


Tara Stiles Yoga

As important as it is to be accountable for your daily workouts, it is completely understandable that life happens.  I believe the most important thing is to move in some way everyday, even if it is only for a few minutes.  Seriously,  look what you can do with just ten minutes.

Anyways, I would love to hear what you do when life happens and you have to quickly change your workout…

P.S. Check out what Kyle and I did today!photo

That’s right, our first fresh cut Christmas tree!  It is tiny, adorable, and perfect for our little home.  I’ll put up some pictures of it all decorated as soon as it is all pretty!  Until then Merry Christmas from our home to yours!

And as always happy sweating!


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