Daily Sweat! Running + Yoga

it's amazing what you can do when you tryThis morning when I woke up, my weather app said it was snowing.  I jumped out of bed and rushed over to the window but to my disappointment I only saw a dark, cloudy sky.

Sadly, the snow never came.  It was just cold and drizzly. And let me tell you cold + wet does not make for wonderful running conditions.  Well, at least it was not pouring:)

Even though it was a toasty 34°/1° I ran a solid 7.55 miles this afternoon.  I am definitely feeling stronger and stronger on my long runs! I am still nowhere near as strong (physically, mentally I feel a million times more equipped than in the past!) as I was when I was training for my marathon.  However, feeling my body improve and comparing it to what I once was is making me very excited to see what the future brings.  Anyways, enough with the talking…

Here is a little break down of my run:

7.55miles | 1 hour 21 minutes 18 seconds | 10:46 minute pace | max hr: 189  average hr: 161 |802 calories burned

Yoga For my legs

This is an awesome little yoga routine!  As you can guess from the title it is all about getting long, lean legs!

just a few random things…

On my iPod:

Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix

In my iBooks:

I just finished The Silver Linings Playbook.  I will admit I was first drawn to this story because he is an Eagles fan and the fact that Jennifer Lawrence is in the movie (kinda like how I read Perks simply because Emma plays a main character).  But no matter why I started it, I truly enjoyed this book and must go see the movie ASAP.  Now comes the worst part about finishing a book, figuring out what I am going to read next. Any suggestions???


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