Daily Sweat! TM Run + Arm Definer Workout + Tara Stiles Yoga


This morning I woke up at 5:30 to attend a yoga class at the gym.  While I was getting ready to I checked my email and noticed a sub job down in the states. Thank goodness I was waking up to do some yoga!!

Treadmill Run

After a long day teaching junior high PE nothing was going to keep me from the therapy of running.  Once I got home it was freezing cold & raining, not ideal conditions for running.  So to overcome my loathing of the treadmill running I followed Blonde Ponytail‘s “Boredom Buster” treadmill workout.

Here’s what I did: 

5 minutes walking (3mph)

5 minutes jogging (5mph)

1 “boredom buster” interval (6.5/9mph)

2 minutes recovery (4.5mph)

1 “boredom buster” interval (6.5/9pmh)

2 minutes recovery (4.5mph)

15 minutes running (6.5mph)

5 minutes jogging (5mph)

5 minutes walking (3mph)

Distance: 4mile | Time: 41:33 | Pace: 10:23 {excluding last 5 minutes}


post running:)

Cool Down Cycling

10 minutes cool down on a stationary bike + a little bit of stretching

NTC‘s Arm Definer


My glutes and hamstrings were so sore from my elliptical workout yesterday!  So instead of a total body lifting session I opted for a 15 minute NTC focused on defining my arms.  I used 15 lb weights.  Let me tell you, having a heavy weights to lift with is probably one of my favorite things about going to a gym!

NTC’s “get focused” workouts are awesome to add to the end of a solid cardio session (so are ZWOWz) & they’re only 15 minutes.

Tara Stiles Yoga

End of Year Resolution Update: I am at 490 miles, only 10 more to go!!!


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