Daily Sweat! Yoga + Elliptical + NTC

yoga @ great west fitness

yoga pose

This morning I woke up at 5:30 to attend a 6am yoga class.  This is the first class I’ve been to at Great West Fitness (look for a fitness center review in a few days) and thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was incredibly relaxing and the perfect way to start the day.

Elliptical {45 minutes}

I decided on cross training today.  I thought it might give my legs a little bit of a rest and time to recover.  Usually I have a hard time staying engaged on the elliptical, but some how the time flew by. I opened my magazine, pressed play on my iPod and before I knew 45 minutes had come and gone!

Time: 45 minutes | Max HR: 128 | Average HR: 116| Calories Burned: 237

NTC BEtter Butt


Yesterday, I did an arm workout so it only made sense to do a leg/butt workout today.  I choose “Better Butt” & let me tell you it is a solid workout!  My legs and behind were burning.  If you want to download NTC for your iPhone/iPod just click here.

Time: 15 minutes | Max HR: 148 | Average HR: 122| Calories Burned: 100

*One thing I do not like about NTC workouts is the fact that there is no time to transition from one exercise to the next.  I know that this is the nature of an interval workout and the fact that there is little rest increases the intensity.  However, I feel like I waste precious time in between each exercise.  Next time I do an NTC at the gym I’ll create mini stations for quicker transitions.


What do you do to stay engaged on a sometimes boring cardio machine??? 


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