Daily Sweat! 8 miler + Yoga

me & running don't always see eye to eye

Hilly 8 Miler

My last few long runs have been on a nice flat route with only one hill to finsih off the run.  Today I thought I would change it up for a few reasons:

#1 – A new challenge – can you say hills???

#2 – Safety – The route I normally run has very limited shoulders and sidewalks, which are even worse when there is low visibility.  These roads are not very populated (mostly just farms). So if I accidentally injured myself or was attacked (not that I am seriously worried) there would be no witnesses to help me.

#3 – Dogs – There is this one dog that likes to give me mini heart attacks every time I pass by.  He never actually follows me for more than a foot or so.  But the fact that he leaves his driveway (while his other dog friends never leave their invisible boundary) does not put me at ease.

Anyways, back to the run.  This was not a long, easy run. I was working hard!  Especially, around mile 2 & 7 where it was a nice mile of steady uphill and then downhill (kinda like a bridge).  Even though the hills were tough I will definitely be using this route for my long runs more often.  Gotta keep challenging myself!

Distance: 8.01miles | Time: 1:32:31 | Pace: 11:25 | Max HR: 177 | Average HR: 157 | Calories Burned: 849

Tara Stiles Yoga

Here is the simple yoga routine I did tonight.  I am constantly amazed at Tara Stiles.  If you’ve never tried one of her videos or even yoga in general, you should hit up her youtube channel and give it a go!

Make sure you check out my Fitness Fast Forward page to see what I am planning for this week’s workouts!


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