Daily Sweat! Run + Lift + Yoga

keep going

Run, Run, Run

Today I had one of those runs where everything just felt right.  Seriously, I felt like I was flying.  I was so excited when I reached my driveway and saw my time! This is my fastest pace in forever.  Even though I was ecstatic,  I was quite mad that I did not run 5 miles.  This is why I need the Nike Sportwatch GPS.

Distance: 4.59miles | Time: 41:04 | Pace: 8:57

Screen Shot 2012-12-18 at 4.28.41 PMAlso, I am super excited about my Nike+ stats!  I hit the 500th mile marker & I upped my average distance to from 3.9 miles to 4!!!

NTC‘s Shoulder Shaper


I did this workout at my new gym:)  I used varied weights (15, 7.5 & 5lbs) & added the BOSU ball to Single Leg Shoulder T’s & Deadlift Reverse Fly.

Elliptical {10 minutes}

After some weights I jumped on the elliptical to cool down.  I decided on the elliptical because I use my arms and legs while on it!

Yoga for Super Hero Strength


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