Beat the Fitness Blues

Got the winter, fitness blues…

Here are a few methods I use to help overcome my fitness ruts.  Hopefully they can help you too!

Join a gym!

group fitnss class

Fun, new classes can be just what you need to rev up your fitness regiment. Check out your local gym to see if they are offering any holiday specials.

Youtube Workouts


Challenge yourself with some new exercises and workouts.  Tons of talented fitness instructors post awesome (and free) videos on YouTube. Not sure where to start, check out my favorites: Tara Stiles Yoga & Zuzka Light.

Fitness DVDs


If you are looking for a cheap way to spice up your fitness routine, DVDs are a great choice.  My favs include any Jillian Michael’s DVDs. These are incredibly challenging and will get you out of any fitness rut.

Buy some new equipment & gear


Whenever I buy something new I am always motivated!  Whether it is a fancy new watch or a fresh pair of lululemon running tights, find something that will motivate you to get our the door and move.

Sign up for an early spring race

Screen Shot 2012-12-19 at 12.26.45 PM

Signing up for a race gives you motivation to get out there and train.  By choosing a race in early spring you will have no choice but to train during the cold winter months.

Have great method for overcoming the fitness blues?? Please share!!!


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