Daily Sweat! 5 Miler + Push Ups + Bed Yoga

Day 7, here it is…

5 Miler

Running It Clears the MindToday, I had a very therapeutic run.  In the early morning rush I forgot my iPod at home.  So when I finally had some free time to run (I was volunteering at Kyle’s school) it was just me and my thoughts.  It is amazing what running sans iPod can do to you.

This was my third run with my Nike GPS watch and it just keeps impressing me.  It is one seriously amazing piece of technology.  I have been choosing my “current pace” as my favorite display.  Then I scroll between “average pace” & “distance.”  At the end of my runs I feel like a little kid, rushing to plug the watch into my computer.  I love watching the little dot move around the map:)  Anyways, here are the stats:

distance: 5 miles | time: 53:21 | 10:38 pace

Push Ups

50 {15, 15, 20}

Yoga in Bed


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