Fitness Rewind & 5 Miler

I am 12 days (actually I have worked out everyday for the past 49 days) into my SWEAT 365 challenge! So far it is going incredibly well!  It is amazing how much blogging about my challenge keeps me accountable.  Most days I try to workout for at least 30 minutes.  But if I am short on time or truly in need of a (necessary) rest day I just do some light yoga.

How do you keep accountable???

Here’s a rewind of my week:

Workout Planner, Jan.001

{click to enlarge}

Daily Sweat! morning yoga & a 5 miler

I started out my day with this Tara Stiles Yoga video:

Oh how I love her!  She is hands down the best yoga instructor out there.

a Poorly Paced 5 miler

Screen Shot 2013-01-12 at 5.56.21 PM

Here is a look at my run today.  At first glance it looks like  pretty solid run, 5 miles at 10:06 pace is a fast run for me. However, take a look at my pace/elevation chart below and you will see how bad my run actually was.  So from a pacing standpoint it was quite horrible… Here are my splits: 9:07 | 9:42 | 9:37 | 10:48 | 11:17.  It should have been reversed, start slow/finish fast.  I was dying up the last hill!  It literally took every last ounce of my self discipline to finish this run! The pride of finishing sure felt great compared to the pain of running.

Screen Shot 2013-01-12 at 5.56.50 PM


2 responses to “Fitness Rewind & 5 Miler

  1. I really like the way you’ve phrased your challenge so the emphasis is on being active rather than a particular sport or unachievable time goal. I just may have to borrower your idea! I’ve also really enjoyed seeing the multitude of yoga videos you post and how it can really be practiced anywhere (i.e. no excuses). Thanks for the content and workout ideas!

  2. Hey Taline!

    Thanks for the input. I love hearing what you think about the challenge layout. If you choose to follow a similar plan I would love to hear about it! Happy Sweating!


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