Healthy Baked Falafel

I love pita, falafels, & hummus.  It is such a yummy meal {and  if made smartly can be quite healthy}.  The last few times I made falafels I opted for the non-healthy method and chose to fry instead of bake.  Though they were delicious, I thought it wise to find a healthier version.  Well  ta-dah, I found one on The Picky Eater Blog.  Check out the recipe I used.

Here is a look at my Mediterranean inspired meal.

Baked Falafel recipe




I absolutely loved the falafel recipe! I will definitely be adding this to my routine of meals.  Since this recipe was meant to be baked, it taste much better than other ones I have used {and tried to improvise by baking instead of frying}.


IMG_6408 IMG_6409


This hummus was incredibly easy to make but not the best recipe I have tried.  It still tasted delicious just not the best.  Next time I’ll give this one a go.

The tzatziki sauce was by far the easiest part of this meal.  I half fallowed the recipe, half improvised.  I love the extra zing it adds.

Overall, these were easy & simple recipes to follow and enjoy!  Test them out and let me know how it goes!

Happy Eating:)

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