Race City!!!

This week I signed up for a few races!  I am sooo excited!!!  I have been itching to race more and start training harder.


{sneak peak at my diy race bib/medal display}

So here’s what’s going on with my race schedule.  The first race is only a month away.  The Birch Bay Half is a low key race across the border.  Nothing too fancy but I have been searching for a local half so this is perfect.  I’m not expecting an outstanding time since I will only have 4 weeks to train.  But it will be a great benchmark for my upcoming races.



The one I am most excited about is the lululemon SeaWheeze!  It takes place right in the heart of Vancouver.  Last year I really hoped to run but we ended up arriving in BC the week after it took place. The best part, a free pair of lululemon running shorts with the registation fee.  And one of my besties may be coming to run it with me:)



The biggest race is the Vancouver Sun Run.  Last year close to 50,000 runners participated.  And I hear it is a super fast course, which is perfect for my sub-60min goal.

4/21 THE SUN RUN 10K

Sun Run

 The most festive race goes to the adidas Shamrock 15k run (well I assume it will be since it’s on St. Paddy’s Day).  Not only does this race draw some huge crowds,  it also happens to be in Portland.  Can you say, road trip!



The most global is the NWM virtual 10k.  Anyone can it do anywhere.  All you need is a Nike+ device. Pretty amazing, eh?!?



**I have not actually signed up for this one yet.  But I will be asap.**

What races do you have coming up???

here are the race dates & links…just in case you want to join me!!

2/17 Birch Bay Half Marathon
3/10 NWM Virtual 10k
3/17 adidas Shamrock 15k
4/21 The Sun Run 10k
8/10 lululemon SeaWheeze half marathon

{my full race schedule & race recaps}

10 responses to “Race City!!!

  1. Sounds like a fun list of races! I love signing up for races too so I know exactly what you mean

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