lululemon {ware}house party!!!


A few years ago, when I first fell in love lululemon, I started reading about their famous “warehouse party.”   It sounded amazing.  But I never thought I would live near a host city.  So a few weeks ago when I got a Facebook invite for the lululemon {ware} house party right here in Vancouver I was beyond excited!

Prior to the event I had no idea what kind of sales to expect.  I searched for blog reports but really could not find anything useful.  So I went into it with low expectations, unsure if I would actually find good deals.  I thought even if I do not buy anything, I should at least go so I could blog about it.

The party started Friday morning and will end Sunday afternoon.  Oringinally I planned to trek over there early Friday but at the last minute I got a sub job in the States.  I figured the wise decision was to go make some money, then I could actually afford to go shopping:)


A look at our experience:

The line up and wait was not that bad.  We probably waited in line for about 30 minutes or so to get into the shopping area.  All of the waiting was inside BC Place, so no need to worry about the cold or rain.


On the floor, it was quite a party: live music, samples, & dancing. 






Towards the end of the there was a bag/jacket check.  We got to skip ahead because we came prepared and dressed light.

How it worked:

All of the product was separated by size in rows and rows with a few boxes spread around. On each tag there was a colored sticker, which indicated the price {see picture below}.  On the first day the most expensive stuff was $99 but by the time we got there, on Saturday night, prices dropped to $79.  The green sticker also dropped in price.  It was $29 when we arrived but it was quickly announced that it had been reduced to $22.


Along with the price drops, as we were walking in they announced that all women’s and girl’s gear was buy two, get one free! Amazing!




run swiftly top: $45 {$58} ~ I only found one shirt.  I believe there was more selection the first day.

run inspire crops: $45 {reg. $86}

groove pant: $55 {reg. $98}

astro pant: $55 {reg. $98}


runder wunder: $55 {reg. $92}

the under tight: $22

gather & grow: $45 {reg. $78}

tons & tons of shorts, literally boxes over flowing: $22 {reg. $50}


sports bras: $22 {reg. $48}

underwear: $4 {reg. $16}

brisk run neckwarmer: $9 {reg. $30}

no brainer strap: $9 {$16}

***this does not include the buy two, get one free discount***

****there were a lot of other styles but I cannot remember the names of everything****


  • Follow @lululemon, @lululemonwhs {for Canada warehouse party}, & @lululemonwhus {for US warehouse party} on twitter
  • Like lululemon’s facebook page
  • Research before you arrive.  There is sooo much product you do not want to waste time trying tons of styles on and deciding what you want.  Instead go to a lululemon shop before the party and find out the styles you like & the size you wear.
  • Go late.  The later you go, the crazier the sales.  For example, we went on Saturday night and while we were there, they dropped some pieces and started announcing bigger deals.  But of course the later you go, higher the possibility that the most popular styles may be sold out (i.e. scuba hoodie, run swiftly, underwear, yoga mats).
  • Dress appropriate.  The dressing rooms are just two large enclosed areas with some mirrors.  Make sure you are wearing under garments you are comfortable being seen in.
  • Power in numbers. Go with friends!  I was so happy that my hubby came with me.  It was an exhausting shopping experience and it could be very overwhelming. I was very grateful to have extra eyes while searching for specific stuff and someone to hang out with while in line:)    

What I bought & how much I paid after the buy two, get one free discount:


run: dart and dash: $15 {reg. $50ish}

turbo run short: $15 {reg. $54}

run: speed short: $15 {reg. $54}

sports bra: $15 {reg. $48}

underwear: $4 {reg. $16}

{don’t worry, this was not all for me.  I was doing some shopping for myself and some friends}


other stuff:  


lulu was also giving free massages.  Sadly we arrived just as they were finishing up:(  They also hosted a free yoga class on Friday night and a motivational talk on Saturday night.

Overall, it was an awesome experience and if you are a lulu addict you should definitely hit up this amazing sale!!!

Did you hit up the {ware}house sale this year or in the past??  I would love to hear about the fantastic deals you found…

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2 responses to “lululemon {ware}house party!!!

  1. hi,
    Enjoyed your review of the sale!
    Here’s mine if you’re interested.
    I had to do it in six parts for some reason…

  2. Hey Kitsilano!

    Thanks for the feedback! I actually stumbled across your recap a few days ago:) You did a fantastic recap. Tons of great info, which I found was really hard to find before the event.


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