My 4 Week Half Marathon Training Plan

If you read my Race City!!! post you may have noticed that I signed up for a half marathon only 4 weeks away.  It is incredibly soon, much sooner than would have been ideal.   But I have been aching to race a half and have not been able to find one that fits my schedule & price range.  So I was pretty excited when I found the Birch Bay Half.  It is small & low key, which is fine with me.  I just want to get out there and run!

The only reason I signed up for a race this soon is because I have been logging a lot of miles and have built a quality base.  Since I have been steadily increasing my long runs, I am on task to finish strong.  Although I have been running a lot, I have not been doing much any speed work.  Over the next weeks weeks I will be slightly increasing my long runs & adding speed work.

Here is a look at the plan I created: 

My 4 Week Half Marathon Plan.001

This will be my first half marathon in over a year.  The only other half I have participated in was the 2011 Shanghai Half.  Kyle & I ran this together but we did not actually train (we maybe ran 6 or 7 miles once before race day).  It was brutal! I will never race a half without training again! So in my mind this is my first real half marathon. Still, I am not expecting a super fast finish but I will be happy as long as I finish strong (and hopefully under 2:30).

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4 responses to “My 4 Week Half Marathon Training Plan

  1. Wow! So inspirational!!! I’ve got to get back into the swing of things! The transition of getting used to rainy, cold Vancouver has really made me lose my oomph to go outside + just DO IT!!!!!!! I give you much props!

    • Thanks for the kind words! The cold, raining weather has definitely been an adjustment:) I had to get over being wet and cold real fast because I hate the treadmill. Haha.

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