DIY: Race Bib & Medal Display

I have wanted to make a race display forever! After searching tons of tutorials & checking out some displays on etsy, I decided that it would be super easy to make my own.  So Friday, while high from all my race registrations, I stopped by Home Depot and got everything I needed to start creating!


This was my sneak peak from a few days ago.  Scroll down to see how it all turned out…

Step 1: Gather materiels

  • wood (you can get pre cut from a craft shop or you can use lumber from Home Depot/Lows), $2 
  • plaster of paris (if you want to make yours a chalkboard), $5 and it will last you forever!  Diy Chalk Paint recipe here.
  • paint (at least two contrasting colors but you can use more if you want), $4
  • 1″ cup hooks (or a similar hook), $4 for 50
  • Gorilla glue, $0 ~ already owned
  • something to hang your display on the wall (I made a frame with strap pieces of wood), $0 ~ scraps

Total cost: $15 for 3 signs and left over stuff for a few more. 

Step 2: Layout design & paint

Plan- I run To be.002

Prior to painting I did not really have a game plan.  I kinda just went for it.  I started out by making diy stencils. It was 100% trial and error.  We did not have any ink in our printer so I gently traced these on my computer screen, then cut out each letter.


Still not sure what effect I was going for I just painted the wood black (so the words would be black).  As I was painting I thought it might be a good idea to put my letters down on the wet paint.  This would kept them in place (the smarter option would have been to trace letters on contact paper and make an actual sticker stencil).


As I was placing the letters I thought maybe it would create a cool effect if I just painted over the letters while the black paint was still wet.  Still having no idea if this would actually look ok, I just went for it.


I thought it looked really cool when the paint covered the letters.  I loved the subtly of the words.


To my surprise, I loved the way the black and pink blended together!  After the entire area was covered in pink/gray paint I quickly removed the letters (reading tons of DIY blogs have taught me to remove the stencils before the paint dries).


Tah-dah! A few smudges but overall it looked pretty sweet!!!  After it had completely dried I touched up the letters with black paint.


Now that the letters were done I finished painting the other two pieces of wood.

IMG_6615 IMG_6618

Now the hard part, waiting for it to dry.  While this one dried I made two more as gifts:)

IMG_6708 IMG_6709

Step 4: attach hooks for bibs & medals

Oops, no pictures for this step.  Just lay out your bibs & medals and decide how you would like them displayed.  Mark where you want the hooks to be and then twist the hooks into the wood.  Yep, it’s that easy!

Step 5: Attach frame or other hanging device


Once it was done drying and I had made all of my final touch puts I attached a frame to the back.  To make a frame I just glued three pieces of wood to the back of the to make “n”.  The two sides were to attached the three boards and the middle piece created a way to hang on the wall.

Step 6: Decorate with Bibs & Medals


Left: Bibs from my first race, the Waco Race for the Cure a month after my aunt way diagnosed with breast cancer.  It is an awesome reminder of one of the greatest warriors I know!  She is AMAZING!

Middle: Bib from my first marathon.  This slot is saved for marathons!

Right: Bib from my most recent race (well the picture is wrong, my White Rock 5 Miler bib should be there).

Step 7: Show off all your hard work (both from running and by making this awesome display) I run TO Be.001

Inspired to make our own? Or have you already made an awesome display?  I would love to hear about!!!


5 responses to “DIY: Race Bib & Medal Display

  1. Oh wow!!! I’m soooo loving this idea!!! What a great and fabulously cute way to display all your accomplishments. I’m going to have to do this and will pass the idea along to my roommate too! 🙂

  2. Wow!! Awesome job!! Looks great

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