Daily Sweat! Yoga, Yoga, Yoga

keep calm and do yoga

Today has been a sick day.  Well actually I have been sick since Sunday. But just because I am sick it doesn’t mean I can skip a workout.  The challenge is 365 days of sweat!!!

I knew I could not run today, like I did yesterday.  Actually, I probably should not have ran yesterday, but I was so excited that my shin splints were gone. So today was definitely a “rest” day. And by rest I mean it was a yoga day:)

One of my favorite things about yoga is that it can range from an intense power workout to a gentle stretching routine. So to get in my yoga quota for the day I headed over to my gym for a hour long yoga session.  It is a beginner class, so it was perfect for my current health state.  Afterwards, I was tempted to do a NTC but I had to listen to my body and rest instead.

What is your idea of a great “rest” day activity??  Please share, I am always looking for ways to shake up my current routine! 


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