Daily Sweat! A Looooong, Slooooow 11 Miler


This was the mantra playing in my head during my run today!  After being sick for what seems like forever, I was able to get out there and long run. This morning I was a feeling pretty low energy but I was determined to run.  I went out hoping to be able to run for a least an hour, but some how I just keep chugging a long.


I had to keep both icons on “distance” because I was getting really depressed at my incredibly slooow pace. It was by far my slowest run ever.  I can hardly call it a run, I was basically walking (cue my mantra). Thankfully today’s goal had nothing to with time.  After today’s run I am definietly feeling better about running Birch Bay in a week and a half!

5 Minute Chocolate Cake

Have you guys seen those 5 minute chocolate cake recipes on Pinterest?  Tonight I thought I would give it a try, as a little Birthday Eve treat for myself:)  It was pretty tasty, although I did overcooked it a bit. The real treats will come tomorrow, can you say cheesecake!!!

Well, goodbye for now!  A little less than 2 hours until the best day of the year!!! I hope I can fall asleep, I feel like a little kid on Christmas Eve!


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