Daily Sweat! TM Fail + NTC + Yoga

good. its working.


The more I run, the more I realize that I need to wait about 5 hours after I eat to hit the pavement (which is a big reason I usually run in the morning).  I was harshly reminded of this tonight.  I was scheduled to do a 4×400 speed run.  Unfortunately, the rain kept me off the track and instead bound me to the treadmill.  So to achieve my speed training I did 4 sets of 2:00minute runs @ 8:00minute pace. In between each set I recovered for 3 minutes.  Honestly, I mostly walked to recover because I was cramping so bad.  After I finished the 4 sets I just ran at an easy pace to finished out the 5k. It really was a horrible run, but I am proud that I kept with it and finished. And that is the most important thing! Here is a look at my entire workout today:

Warm Up: Spinning

Speed Work: TM 4×400 (well 4 x 2minutes @ 8:00minute pace), total: 5k run

Weight Training: NTC’s Leaner Legs ~ this is one of my favorite “get focused” routines!

Cool Down: Spinning

{I burned about 65o calories in total & even though my run was not quite on par I pushed as hard as I could during the NTC & spinning!!!}

Yoga: Tara Stiles tweeted this routine out today so I decided to give it a go…


6 responses to “Daily Sweat! TM Fail + NTC + Yoga

  1. So sadly true for me as well regarding the 5hr wait. It makes it really hard to schedule runs or any kind of exercise when you work and can’t/don’t want to go in the morning. Stupid slow metabolism…

    • Seriously! That probably has been the only positive thing about not working…being able to schedule everything else around my running. haha. Well those days will be long gone soon:)

  2. Hey Janelle – as a newbie runner I never understood how to read all the running lingo! What does 4×400 mean?

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