Guess Who’s a Canadian Permanent Resident…

This girl!!!!!!!


Yes, I look a bit crazy but I was extremely excited that after 192 days of waiting I am finally a permanent resident! Well…actually…the other day at the border I was randomly informed that my application had been approved.  However, I did not receive my paper work until yesterday. So when I crossed back into Canada today, after subbing, it was made official! An occasion like this deserves some celebrating…


Yum. Yum. Yum. We rarely go out to eat these days, so we thought no better way to celebrate than delicious Chinese food. Oh. My. Goodness. This food was amazing! And wasn’t my fortune fitting?


This picture is a bit random but this rainbow took my breathe away.  I literally pulled the car over to snap a picture.  All I can say is wow!

Here’s my short daily sweat! for the day.  It was a bit of a crazy day: up @ 5:45, subbing all day, at the border for a bit, finally got home, went out to celebrate, drive to Vancouver for start of volleyball tourney, vespers, drive back home, yoga, blogging, and finally sleep!


4 responses to “Guess Who’s a Canadian Permanent Resident…

  1. Yay Janelle! Happy to hear your paperwork is official!!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Look at you! That is totally amazing! The fortune from your cookie is totally appropriate!!! Yaaaay!!!

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