And the Oscar Goes to…

Katniss Everdeen…Oh I mean, Jennifer Lawrence:)


Oh my I have some serious Jennifer love! She is just amazing & beautiful & funny. I mean come one, she’s Katniss.  Does one get more awesome than Katniss? (The answer is no, in case you were wondering! Well unless your name is Hermione Granger, hehe) I don’t think I have cared this much about who wins at an award show since I was a kid and N’sync was nominated for some Grammy’s.  Just like all other Hunger Games fans I was going a little bit crazy when Jen’s name was read from the envelop last night:) Way to go, Jennifer!

Oscar 2013 Jennifer Lawrence accepts the award for best actress

Ok, enough about my obsession with Jennifer Lawrence.  And onto what I’ve been up to the last few days. If you’ve check out my Sweat 365 recently, you may have noticed that my last few workouts have been on the shorter side. I promise there’s a good reason.  This weekend was all about our kids (and by kids I mean our students).  We had a volleyball tourny Saturday night & Sunday and then basketball games today & tomorrow.  All in Vancouver. Our kids fought hard and made us extremely proud!! These are definitely my favorite moments being a teacher!

FCA Volleyball

As I am sure you can imagine, after a weekend like this, I am exhausted! Thankfully, I was able to find a little bit of time to squeeze in a few workouts but still not what I usually aim to do. But life should be back to normal tomorrow.  For now, here’s a look at what I was able to squeeze in today:

ZWOW#10 Correction.001

I completed 2 rounds + 31 jump ropes! It looks easy on paper but don’t let the 10 minutes fool you.  This workout was intense!!!

Workout Planner, Jan.001

Since I was too busy to post a Fitness Rewind post on Saturday, here is a look at what I did last week and what I am planning for the week ahead. Just one more thing, I promise…this is an amazing story! I just had to share it!


3 responses to “And the Oscar Goes to…

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  2. Have you seen Winter’s Bones? JLaw is really amazing in it!

  3. Actually, I have not…I need to watch it. Maybe this weekend:)

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