Daily Sweat! Mint Oreo Ice Cream & NTC’s Super Fusion

Mint Oreo

The local dairy finally had Oreo Mint! I have literally been waiting a month to have this amazing flavor.  Everyday, I stop and check the flavors. Although, it is always available in a huge tub, I only treat myself when scoops are for sale. Otherwise, I would be eating gallons of ice cream everyday!  Since, I indulged today I knew I had to work out once I got home.  Here is what I did to make up for my yummy treat:

NTC's Super Fusion & Stretch Guid

Tonight (as I watched Parks & Rec and Modern Family) I did these two NTC workouts.  My main workout was Super Fusion. It’s a fantastic Get Toned (meant to be performed with lower weights) workout. And I picked it because I only have ten pound weights at home. To end my work out I did Shawn Johnson’s stretching routine.  It’s not my favorite stretch guide because there are no videos. I definitely prefer my usual Tara Stiles videos. Anyways, it was a pretty solid workout and now I am ready for a restful night of sleep. I hope you had a wonderful, sweaty day!


2 responses to “Daily Sweat! Mint Oreo Ice Cream & NTC’s Super Fusion

  1. Edaleen! That is the fondest memory of going to Grandma’s house in B.C., getting to stop at Edaleens on the way there and get the 35 cent swirl cone….

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