February Favorites…

This has been a pretty busy month! There has not been much time for any favorites other than my birthday and running:) But you can’t really go wrong there:)  Here is the short list:

Feb 2013 Fav

Polar Wearlink+ Chest Strap: My amazing little brother surprised me big time by getting me this for my birthday. I absolutely love it! My older Polar F6 chest strap is a hard plastic. So I was happily surprised by the newer, softer Wearlink strap. This strap is awesome because it allows me to use my GPS watch as a regular heart rate monitor for other exercises besides running.  Which is awesome because now all of my exercise data is in on place, on nikeplus.com!

Twitter: Twitter is so amazing! Over the past month I have been mastering tweeting! I have been able to keep a live feed of our school’s junior volleyball tournaments & high school basketbal tournaments! It is sooo much fun! And you can talk to celebrities!

The Oscars: So as I mentioned on Monday I have been a little Oscar obsessed.  What can I say I love me some J-Law! So naturally I spend most of this month googling every Oscar predictions, hoping she would take home the golden statue:)

Nikeplus.com: During this month I have had a some hard days finding motivation to get out and run or workout.  Enter, Nike+! Everyday, I log on and see what my friends are doing.  It is amazing how a seeing someone’s run or workout motivates me to not be lazy (and be awesome instead)!

Tiffany & Co.: Last and definitely not least, my hubby surprised me with a beautiful little blue box for my birthday! I am pretty lucky, what can I say:)

Well, as much as I hate for my favorite month to be over some awesome things are  happening in March! Exactly a week from today my amazing parents are flying up to the Great White North to visit! Then there is SPRING BREAK! Two awesome weeks of nothing. Sounds pretty good to me! But before we say goodbye to February here’s a look at my numbers from February:

Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 6.46.09 PM

I ran 15 more miles than January, 2 more runs (15), 11 less yoga videos, 7 more NTCs, 1 less ZWOW, and 655 less push ups (oops!)! I am proud of the increase in NTC/weight training workouts but I need to make sure that I keep up the yoga videos & push ups:) I am excited to see what March brings.  I have two races scheduled and as long as I do not get sick or hurt I am striving for a 100 mile month!


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