Daily Sweat! My Fastest 5k…EVER!

Today I smashed a 5k! I ran it in 26:58, this is a 8:40 pace!!! Yes, 8:40! I am sooo proud of myself.  As soon as I got home I texted my hubby & brother like I won a gold medal or something…haha. I know this is just an easy run for some of you runners but I felt like I was flying!

I Will Smash a 5k

The last couple of days I have been working on a regular basis and it has been an adjustment (a positive adjustment). During the past six months I’ve become accustomed to scheduling my life around running. Well, time for a reality check…it is seriously difficult to go running after a full day of work! At the end of day I just want to nap.

Today, there was a inner battle raging inside me. My will power vs. my desire to sleep! I can proudly say my will power won (pretty much because there are few things I loathe more than running on the treadmill). Once I got home I knew I had to run immediately or I wouldn’t do it.  The plan was simple: run a 5 k as fast as I can. And I did!  I am still in shock how fast I my pace was.

Fast 5k EVER!

Have you amazed yourself lately??? Why not brag a little bit about it and share…


7 responses to “Daily Sweat! My Fastest 5k…EVER!

  1. I definitely know the feeling of trying “to find” time to run while having a full-time job and needing an adequate number of sleep hours! Nice work on your 5K!

  2. Wow! Nice work! I’m looking at around 38-40 minutes!

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