Give Me One More Night…

Maroon 5, American Flag

A few months ago Kyle surprised me with Maroon 5 tickets and finally after a loooooong wait the night arrived.  We decided to make a trip out of it and spend the night in Vancouver. Adam Levine Saturday night, running in Stanley Park in the morning…what more could this girl want? 

Kyle & Janelle, Maroon 5

Here’s a shot before Maroon 5 took the stage (If only they had a shirt with just Adam on it….haha). Isn’t my husband amazing…he just dropped a dime for his wife to oggle over Adam Levine….haha…that is love!

Maroon 5 first song

Maroon 5

Maroon 5 lights

Maroon 5, band close up

Adam Levine  Maroon 5, Logo

Encore, do you want more…umm, yes please! Wow, what a perfect ending to an absolutely amazing concert! The set list was fantastic, the stage design & lights were incredible, and Adam Levine on a big screen….need I say more? Definitely the best concert EVER (not that I have gone to many). If Maroon 5 is coming anywhere near you, you NEED to be there!

NWM Virtual 10k @ Stanley Park


Nike Women’s Marathon does a virtual race each year and this year it was a 10k.  “No matter where you run, we run united” that was Nike’s slogan this weekend.  I signed up for this race knowing we it would be a packed weekend with my parents & Adam Levine in town. So spending the night in the city was perfect. We were just down the road from the famous Stanley Park, so I headed over there to get my run on. Wow, it is an amazing place to run! The view is phenomenal and the air so refreshing. I cannot wait to run the SeaWheeze here in August. My time: 1:01:24 

Granville Island


After running & crepes, we headed over to the lovely Granville Island to explore. While Mom & I wondered around the public market & shops, Dad & Kyle sat in the Keg and cheered on the purple & gold. Yep, it was a perfect day!


6 responses to “Give Me One More Night…

  1. Janelle! I love reading your blog!! It’s my study break =). -Jing D.

  2. =). Amirah and I have a beauty blog…but it is still in the works b/c both of us are going crazy with school lol. I’ll let you know if it’s up though =D. P.S., I can’t believe you are in Canada!

  3. What a great weekend. So Cool.

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