Vamos Rafa…Game, Set, Match!!!


Whoa, I just noticed that I have not blogged for almost a week!  Life has been a bit crazy with an impromptu trip to Southern California to visit my brother. I flew down on Wednesday evening with my parents and Kyle will be joining the party tomorrow night.


Our first stop in California…Indian Wells! I have always dreamed of coming to this tournament and when I found out that Rafa & Federer were facing off I was in!



23 bucks to see these two go head to head…yes please!!!


My bff, Kaitlynn, had a crash course about Rafa & Federer just a few hours before match but  she was still pretty excited to tag along! Her fiancée, who was stuck studying, was quite jealous…


A quick photo opt during warm ups! I was bummed that I left my “vamos Rafa” shirt at home.


A quick shot between sets.  My brother was rockin his Rafa shirt I got him from the 2010 US Open.


My cousin & cousin-in-law, Matt & Lou.


Post match shake/hug… Way to go Rafa, straight-set win!  I was hoping Roger to be Roger and do something simply spectacular but I think he was a bit sick.



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