Daily Sweat! Sunny 5 Miler + NTC Yoga

Hello, blogging world! It seems like forever since my last Daily Sweat!. Life has been busy with wonderful events…and now it’s time to slow down:)  Today, I worked down in the good ole USA.  And in a few weeks it will be a regular occurrence.  This means it’s time to adjust back to life as a workin’ women…no more 10am run or browsing Pinterest until 2am (of course this never happens…hehe). After working causally for the past 7 months this might take a little getting to… Thankfully, this week I had some practice:) Yesterday & today, I powered through my post-school desire to nap and went out for a run!

3/26 run

Here’s today’s run.  I did not want to go at all and I was only going to do a 5k but I pushed though and ended up logging 5 miles.  I am soooo proud of my pace.  It was one of my best runs! Hopefully pushing myself like this will get me a sub-60 minute Sun Run time. The ending with cheering on the red, white, & blue I did Leah Kim’s yoga as a post run stretch.

USA vs Mexico

Check out my Sweat 365 page:) It is a running log of my daily workouts, I am coming up on 100 days! Woo hoo!!!  Also, if you wanna see the workouts I have planned for the week ahead just click here.

How did you get your sweat on today???


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